5 advantages of a cloud-based management software

5 benefits of’a cloud-based management software

Cloud computing can significantly improve the efficiency of ERP solutions for any type of business. ERP basically helps to optimize resource management processes. With cloud technology, you have the opportunity to gain flexibility and responsiveness.

You have a solution that reinforces the adaptability and development potential of your establishment.

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Do travel influencers on Instagram influence us The Modern Geek

Do travel influencers on Instagram influence us ?

Travel influencers have multiplied rapidly in a few years. To showcase the destinations they visited and share their experiences, they mainly use Instagram. Currently, travel influencers on Instagram seem to be full-fledged players in the tourism marketing on the Internet. But what effect do their posts really have on social network users ?

What powers travel influencers have on Instagram ?

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Signs to avoid parking problems in certain areas

Signs to prevent illegal parking in certain areas

Contrary to popular belief, municipalities are not the only ones to use these solutions, as businesses also have to restrict certain areas for parking. Therefore, you can buy specific panels that are very easy to use, and even to order. If you click here, you will be able to learn a little more about these references that save you from joining the impound services for example.

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Euresa System mandatory professional liability insurance for self-employed contractors

Self-employed professional liability insurance: mandatory ?

To protect his activity, an autoentrepreneur (also called microentrepreneur) can contract different insurances. Professional liability insurance (RC pro) is the basic coverage to subscribe to. What risks does it cover ? Is this insurance mandatory for a microentrepreneur? ? What is its price ? Where to subscribe ? Discover the answers to these questions below.

What does the’professional liability insurance ?

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What is Net-Enterprises The Modern Geek

C’What does Net-Entreprises ?

The Net-Entreprises site was created in 2017. It is mostly known in the self-employed community. However, both private and public structures can also use it to make a correct social declaration.


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How to promote collaboration within your company

How to encourage collaboration within your company ?

The collaboration of workers is today an essential asset in companies. It offers many advantages, and favors the development of the activity. There is no miracle solution to create or implement this collaboration between your workers.

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How to open a kmz file The Modern Geek

How to open a kmz file ?

By adopting GPS applications, you will discover new extensions such as .gpx, .kml or .kmz. These formats refer to geolocation data visualization solutions. These tests are based on backups made beforehand.

With an appropriate viewer, you can get an overview of a specific area from these different file types.

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How to make a business recovery plan

How to make a disaster recovery plan activity ?

The How to make a disaster recovery plan or DRP is a component of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP), the objective of which is to ensure that activities can continue and that information remains available no matter what happens. The DRP reveals the different measures to adopt in case of a disaster that leads to a business interruption. What is it really about and how to do a DRP ?

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Discover emailing!

Discover the emailing !

Email is not dead yet ! Sometimes abandoned by companies in favor of social networks, it remains a major ally for all companies wishing to develop their customer portfolio. Practical, economical and almost playful, e-mail remains one of the tools with the best deliverability rate. If it requires a basic investment, you will see that in the medium and long term, it brings you much more than it takes you ! If this technique is still a bit foreign to your practices, here is what you need to know !

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6 mistakes to avoid in natural referencing

6 mistakes to avoid in natural referencing

SEO is essential for a website, regardless of its objective. Indeed, it determines the visibility of the online platform. You will be able to widen your audience, then improve your image or increase your sales. However, you must avoid certain mistakes to ensure the effectiveness of the process.

You can even be excluded from search results if you break the SEO rules.

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