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How to open a kmz file ?

By adopting GPS applications, you will discover new extensions such as .gpx, .kml or .kmz. These formats refer to geolocation data visualization solutions. These tests are based on backups made beforehand.

With an appropriate viewer, you can get an overview of a specific area from these different file types.

Qu’is the KMZ format ?

The KMZ file format allows you to record the different locations that can be seen in the Google Earth software. In addition to GPS coordinates, this document can contain landmarks and names customized by the user.

Specifically, KMZ files offer a aerial view of the considered sites. They are commonly used in the United States since their inception. Nevertheless, this solution allows to visualize all the regions of the planet with Google Earth.

This program has indeed a worldwide coverage.

If you are already familiar with the extension .kml, the KMZ format is simply its compressed version. This compression facilitates transfers and downloads of the data file. This document can also contain basic 3D models fromArchiCAD or from Google Sketchup.

The model in SKP format can then be scaled on the map to get an overview of the results. In practice, this method is often used for choose the location of an architectural project.

How to open the KMZ file ?

How to open the KMZ file ?

You need an adapted tool to open a KMZ file. Developed in Mountain View, this format was designed from Google Earth and Google Maps data. Logically, these two services should be prioritized for opening this type of file.

However, the first one is the easiest.

With Google Maps, you will first have to do a upload to put your data on an online platform. Then type the URL files stored in the search bar of the site. This link is often provided after the documents in question have been saved on the Web.

Simply enter this address in the dedicated field and launch the search.

With this technique, the covered area should then be displayed on Google Maps.

You can also create a link with the prefix This time, insert the prefix and the previous URL in the address bar of your browser. Then open this new link.

How to open a KMZ file with Google Earth ?

How to open a KMZ file with Google Earth?

For to open compressed KML files, the easiest solution is to use Google Earth for Chrome. This service allows to read directly a document in KMZ format. Go to the platform via your web browser.

Press the ” ” button project “This link is often provided after the registration. Then click on ” New project “.

Choose the option ” Import a KML file “to add an element saved on your computer’s hard drive. For items saved on Google Drive, select the other option (” Import a KML file from Drive “). Open the document you want to view.

If you have difficulties with this method, you should use the Google Earth Pro software to open the elements considered. It could indeed be a complex KMZ file. This software allows you to use and display all the features of this type of file. At this point, you should check the status of the document in case of a problem (incomplete download, corrupted file, etc.).).

What other software is available for the’open ?

What are the other software to open it ?

Cross-platform, Google Earth Pro remains to this day the best program to open a kmz file. However, you can find alternatives on each operating system. That said, the number of suitable software varies significantly depending on the medium considered.

Under Windows, you will be able to use :

  • Adobe Acrobat ;
  • Adobe Photoshop ;
  • Blender ;
  • Blue Marble Geographics Global Mapper ;
  • ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop ;
  • Trimble SketchUp ;
  • Mobile Atlas Creator.

The options are, on the other hand, relatively restricted on Mac OS, with :

  • Adobe Acrobat ;
  • Adobe Photoshop ;
  • Blender;
  • Trimble SketchUp;
  • Mobile Atlas Creator.

Finally, you have a much more limited choice under Linux, with :

  • Adobe Acrobat ;
  • Blender ;
  • Mobile Atlas Creator.

The Google Maps platform, on the other hand, is mainly suitable for advanced users to open this type of file on the Web. On their side, Google Earth for Android is just a mobile variant of.

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Scraper google maps in a structured way, how to do it ?

Google Maps is an almost unlimited source of data for any company looking for new customers. C’is why the’use of scraping s’is an excellent option.

Scraping is an automatic extraction technique that can allow you to create a pleasant and harmonious environment’obtain useful data quickly for your marketing prospection. Under these conditions, it is easy to understand why scrapping Google Maps is interesting for generating leads.

To scrape google map easily and find qualified leads, it is best to’use a powerful tool. It will allow you to collect this data in a few moments. And this, without being obliged to call upon the services of a professional’a developer.

For that, there are several softwares, but all of them do not have the same purpose’do not offer the same quality of service. In order to’In order to extract the necessary data for your prospecting (email addresses, phone numbers, business hours, etc.), it is important to use Google Maps’openness, etc.), it is important to’use a data collection tool that will proceed in a structured way.