Online games for women how casinos cater to female customers

Online gambling for women: how do casinos deal with women?’are aimed at female customers ?

Casino games have long been considered a male-only pastime. As a result, women rarely received dedicated offers and even seemed unwanted. They have nevertheless been able to have fun since the arrival of online gaming sites. Casinos have thus discovered the potential of games for women.

From now on, these profiles must be courted and pampered on all games.

Online gaming and casinos: the’importance to communicate correctly with your customers

Online gambling and casinos: the

The online games for women are relatively recent. On the other hand, gaming sites have already demonstrated their ability to attract punters. It is therefore important to observe how casinos communicate to attract customers.

The targeting Your first ally with these new games is your company.

In practice, analyze the expectations of your target customers to reach them. Free games are, for example, very popular with Internet users in general. You can therefore offer to women of play for free on your platform. In fact, the concept of free casino has already proven itself on the Web.

You must, however, clearly show the services charged and avoid hidden fees.

The best games don’t necessarily pay out and the players know it well. You don’t have to worry about scaring off potential customers with this formula. However, think about your game selection beforehand. You can’t offer belote or tarot to poker fans !

In general, women appreciate the slot machines, roulette and card games. These vary according to age, but offering many games allows for broad coverage. Nevertheless, it is better to put forward a particular card game to improve your seduction technique.

In addition, don’t underestimate the attractiveness of basic sports betting on soccer, basketball, etc. whether it is on the best online casino or on a betting site.

Before embarking on this adventure, we recall that the French legislation of online casinos is particular. The games of’Money and gambling online are well authorized since 2010. But all types of games are not’have not been given the green light by the’ANJ.

On the other hand, you can find here the list of online casinos in Switzerland which has a different legislation from France.

Online casino marketer: pamper your female customers

Online casino marketer: pamper your female customers

The online games for women currently represent a market with high development potential. In fact, this niche is just beginning to be explored by players in the sector. However, you need a strategy adapted to these profiles to stay fun without becoming addictive.

In addition, avoid the pejorative connotations of the terms games for girls, games for girls, etc.

Preserve their anonymity

Despite the evolution of casinos, the sexism remains a problem difficult to ignore in the world of gambling and on the Internet. The phenomenon is also denounced by this report of the High Council for the’Equality between women and men: Ending impunity for online violence against women.

If you can’t change mentalities, you can protect the players prejudices by making them anonymous. However, you must be careful in choosing your policy in this matter. If you only hide the identity of women, they will be easier to spot among the other players.

So you have to find a way to shuffle the cards or apply anonymity to all bettors.

Welcome gifts especially for them

The welcome gifts are excellent solutions for attracting customers. It is the same with the online games for women. Most of the time, casinos offer the same welcome bonus to all new players. You can thus consider special packs to offer more games to future customers.

Focus on fun and original concepts like flash games or sports passes.

Timeless, the Mother’s Day formulas are among the most effective marketing targeting techniques. You can also offer exclusive packages for March 8, for example. In any case, you must work on the content of the offer and the timing (back to school, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.).).

Make their online well-being your priority

The title of best online casino usually goes to the brand that can to please their customers. This very simple principle is valid for all customer profiles, regardless of gender or age. For women, this satisfaction is primarily based on their online wellness. Make this a priority on your gaming site !

In concrete terms, it is not enough to protect clients from sexist. You must create a friendly and really nice space for women. Avoid clichés and other “girlie” ideas. These questionable choices are embarrassing, even revolting for some. Keep it simple with colors that create a light, even festive atmosphere.