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How to crop an image on Gimp ?

Free and complete tool, GIMP is one of the best alternatives to Photoshop on the market. The image processing software allows you to do all kinds of work on digital photos. However, beginners should start with the basics, including resizing, cropping, cropping, etc.

Thereafter, you will gradually discover the full potential of the program.

Qu’is this GIMP ?

Nowadays, Adobe Photoshop is the reference in photo editing and image processing. This tool is a precious ally for a graphic designer or a creative person. Amateur photographers also use it to improve their shots, eliminate red-eye, make montages, etc.

However, it is a proprietary software.

On the other hand, the program tends to more and more complex by expanding its range of tools. Thus, a simple tutorial is no longer enough to master all its features. Users must also have a certain amount of know-how to succeed in their projects.

GIMP, for its part, is a open source software as powerful and complete as Adobe’s product. It is intended to simple even if it offers a wide range of options to retouch images. To some extent, GIMP can be compared to Photoshop express because of its sobriety and its lightness.

In addition, you can use GIMP to create a background image’screen in gif.

When opening the software, you will discover 3 different parts on the home interface. The work area is at the center from the screen. This space allows you to observe the results of the processing as you go along. On the part of left, you will have access to the essential tools in photo editing (brushes, pipettes, filling, etc.).).

Finally, the panel of right includes the layer and additional options.