Mailo Junior A free and secure messaging system for children

Mailo Junior: A free secure email application for kids

The dangers of’Internet are nowadays’known and recognized today. When children start asking for a phone, a tablet or a computer to communicate with their friends, we are often worried as parents. There are secure and free messaging systems like Mailo that allow children to chat with their loved ones under the control of a computer’a referent adult.

Mailo Junior: a secure messaging system for children

Formerly known as Net-c Junior, Mailo Junior is a messaging service for children. So we have two essential elements: l’ergonomics and the security. L’interface is very intuitive.

To 6/9 years old, it is simple and uncluttered. So we have four basic functions: read a mail, find contacts, answer or write a mail, file your mails. The second version for the 10/14 years old is richer and contains a calendar.

The Mailo Junior messaging system has gained in popularity thanks to the security that’it offers, but also thanks to the data protection. Children can neither send nor receive email from a friend’a contact that is not yet registered’has not been authorized by his parents. This feature is reassuring for parents who are guaranteed that their children do not communicate with strangers. In addition, they can not receive any content (spam) that is not appropriate for their age.

Mailo Junior is one of the best e-mail applications for children.

How to open a free Mailo account ?

How to open a free Mailo account?

For open a Mailo account and create a junior email address, it is advisable to use it’Sign up for an account’s email address’adult (who is often the main contact)’one of the two parents). The latter can therefore manage the account of his child from your own email address. When creating the new address, you will be able to choose among more than thirty domain names such as

L’The referring adult is also going to know if he or she has been authorized by his or her parents to do so’take care of’to save a list of contacts adapted to the needs of his child.

The mailbox is free, but the data is limited. You can’t store more than 50 MB of data with the free version. Mailo now offers a’other additional services.

Additional services of this messenger for children

The additional services of this mail for children

In addition to the mailbox, Mailo offers you to’Finally, the Mailo messaging service allows other features:

  • family chat ;
  • creation of business cards ;
  • the Fridge, a reminder system.

For Christmas, l’interface offers a calendar of the’ad. Finally, the Mailo messaging service allows other features’write a letter to Santa Claus who will answer quickly.

Mailo is therefore a service efficient, functional, free and secure that allows children to communicate with their relatives and parents to communicate with each other’be reassured. But why choose to create an email address for children when you can’t do it yourself?’we have instant messengers ?

L’advantage of mail for children

The advantage of emails for children

Some teenagers don’t know how to write a formal email. Indeed, they communicate through instant messaging on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

Why should young people be taught to write e-mails ?

Getting familiar with digital

Creating an email address for a child will familiarize with the web and digital tools (tablet, computer, smartphone). From the age of 6, children are able to communicate via these digital channels provided they know how to read and write. Moreover, he will feel that’he’s “getting big” and that’he is empower.

Of course, you will always have an eye on its digital exchanges.

Learn to write

In the past, we used to write handwritten letters. They still exist, but remain rare. E-mails are a means of communication’exchange that remain formal.

Contrary to instant messaging where you write quickly between two mouthfuls of food at snack time and without paying attention to the email address’spelling, the emails encourage to sit and think to the form and content of our message. L’Your child will learn to spell his words, but also to structure his text and to give a real meaning to what he says’he writes.

Communicate securely

With a email address adapted to children, your toddler will be able to communicate without risk. On your side, you will be reassured to be able to control the situation. Your child will be grateful for the trust you place in him/her by letting them communicate via digital tools.

Finally, Mailo seems to be the right one compromise for kids who are starting to demand mobile devices or a computer to communicate with their friends. This messaging service is suitable for young people and we can then switch the’email address to an adult account.