3 tips for the design of your advertising flyers

3 tips for designing your advertising flyers

Communication is an important key to the success of any business. It allows you to reach a wider clientele and to increase your customer base’increase your customer portfolio. However, no matter which channel is chosen, the communication must be effective’excellent quality.

Discover here three tips for the design of your advertising flyers.

Keep it simple : n’don’t try to include too much information’information on the flyer

The flyer is part of the means of communication essential to publicize your products and services and your business in general. For that’it is effective, you must ensure that the message that you want to send out to your customers is clear’the vehicle is clear and goes straight to the point’essential. If your flyer is too overloaded, no prospect is going to be interested’It is important to note that. It must be simple and convey a convincing message. The purpose of the flyer is to’Make the reader understand at first contact what you are offering and then keep it in mind.

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Indeed, an online printing company not only allows you to make your prints, but it also helps you in the graphic design. It offers a wide range of products’innovative and original advertising objects, but also products for to develop or improve your communication. In addition to’Online printers can also print business cards, posters, flyers, tarpaulins, personalized calendars, etc.

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Choose eye-catching and relevant images for your flyers

In order to create an effective flyer, it is essential to use the three-color rule’use beautiful images that have a better resolution and that allow to develop or improve your communication’appeal to the audience. Also, the images you use should enhance your message. They must be evocative and attract the public’attention of the prospect at first glance by their presentations. N’Don’t use too many of them, because they can overload the flyer.

Thus, when there is too much’images, they can prevent prospects from catching on’It is essential to the message that the flyer contains. A single image, which fits well with the subject of your communication, is more than enough. In addition, it is necessary to favor images that convey an emotion.

Advertising flyers: stick to a single color scheme

Too much color can easily confuse your prospect about the real message your flyer is conveying. Graphic designers recommend using a lot of color’use the three-color rule. So, to make a good flyer, you need a dominant color, a support color, and a background color’accentuation. To have a better rendering, it is even possible to calibrate these different color choices according to a well-defined percentage.

Take 60% for the dominant color. Then, 30% for the support color and 10% for the advertising color’accentuation.

On the other hand, it should be noted that’it does not’It is not a question of’In addition to opting for different colors that do not have to be the same, it is important to choose a color that is the most important’have nothing in common. It is recommended to take a main color that will be used to highlight your message “Call To Action” (Call for tenders)’Action). Use a professional like a website’online printing which also offers graphic design and DTP services with a control panelôthe professional.

To do this, send your project to the company’s website and professionals will take care of making your flyer from design to’to the’print.