Dating sites for geeks what’s inside for technology lovers

Dating sites for geeks: what’s inside for technology lovers?

The term Geek was coined in the 60’s and 70’s in the United States. Initially pronounced as an insult for the student with glasses who has no success with girls, the term Geek took its revenge in the 80s and 90s to designate today a real tribe of people passionate about video games, TV series, comics and high-tech in general. Nowadays, being a Geek has even become very cool.

Yes, but how do we meet a girl when we are an inveterate gamer, or when we spend our weekends in Cosplay meetings?

So, for the last few years, dating sites have specialized in order to address an ever smaller and more targeted community. And Geeks are not left behind in these online relationships since more and more Geek dating platforms are emerging on the Internet. But, can we really find the rare pearl, the game of our dreams on this style of interface?

The big advantage of dating sites for geeks

When we are geek and single, dating sites can be an excellent opportunity to meet other single people, because who says Geek also says spend a lot of time on his computer. However, generalist platforms bring together single people with very diverse interests. So it is not easy to find your beautiful game girl among all these single girls.

Hence the interest of registering on a dating site for Geek; on these specialized interfaces you will immediately be in contact with girls and boys who appreciate like you the geek culture (video games, cosplay, series, cult movies, Comics, mangas).

Very specific geek dating sites

Of course, some dating sites for geeks are very specific. For example, some platforms are only for LGBT geeks while others are for heterosexuals. Some interfaces gather a young community while others will address an older public.

You can register on an interface that only addresses French geeks. But you can also register on international platforms gathering geeks from all over the world. It’s up to you to analyze the characteristics of each platform in order to register on the one that seems to be the most suitable for your desires.

What is certain on geek dating sites is to find people who speak the same passionate language and therefore to make friends quickly. You can easily find a gaming partner, but also discover the love of your life.

Characteristics of dating sites for geeks

As when you play safely online, you must register on a geek dating site with an SSL license that perfectly guarantees your anonymity. After that, these online platforms have the same basic functions as the generalist sites:

  • the profile page to introduce yourself: you will have on this page some criteria defining you specific to the Geek culture.
  • Private messaging to start an exchange with members who are not connected.
  • Chat for live discussions.
  • The possibility to’access your dating profile directly from your iPhone.

But geek dating sites are also very modern and have options to enrich the user experience.

For example, we find a lot of forums where each geek can come and exchange about his favorite series, his online games, the last high-tech revolutions… The members are very active on these different forums. It allows you to easily create friendships with new people who share the same passions as you.

You will also find event sections, specific to the Geek culture:

  • Online gaming sessions.
  • Cosplay, Mangas or even for movie lovers.

You will also have the opportunity to discover the latest high-tech news, the release of new games or movies on the blogs of these interfaces.

All these features are sometimes complemented by video sections or music lists.

Geek dating sites are, as we could expect, very complete interfaces in terms of technology. Thus, every single geek feels perfectly at ease on this kind of platform. Being in contact with geek, gamer, nerd and no-life guys and girls, it becomes very easy to establish a friendship or the basis for a love relationship.

It is also important to mention that many girls prefer to use these sites because it is the most comfortable and convenient way to meet people’It is also important to mention that many girls prefer to use these sites because it is the most comfortable and safe way for them to find love’love. This means that geek men have much more chances to find a girl online.