5 reasons to choose freelance administration

5 reasons to choose freelance administration

The self-employed status allows to take advantage of a great freedom in terms of schedules, organization, place of work, customers… Therefore, it attracts more and more professionals evolving in different sectors. However, working people fear the idea of economic and social precariousness associated with freelancers. The portage salarial is precisely used to maintain the advantages of employees while gaining in autonomy.

What are the reasons to choose freelance administration?

The wage portage allows to combine the advantages of the status of employee and self-employed. This service is provided by specialized companies. The actors of the sector also strive to offer a local service to the client companies and to the ported employees.

To get closer to its interlocutors, Rhapsody portage salarial has developed a network of agencies covering all France.

In concrete terms, the portage company manages all the administrative aspects of the freelancer’s activity. It takes care of invoicing and social contributions, among other things. Moreover, the company generally guarantees a minimum salary in case of a significant decrease of the activity. The freelance employee Therefore, you can secure your remuneration with this solution.

In return, he will have to pay the agreed management fees.

The autonomy of an entrepreneur

The need for independence represents the first reasons to choose the wage portage. This is the main motivation of people who choose the freelance status. Technically, the ported employee remains an independent worker in his own right.

The changes concern the formalities, the social security and the minimum remuneration.

Thus, the professional can take full advantage of the autonomy of an entrepreneur. He is free to choose his clients and his missions. The consultant also has the possibility to fix his fees and to organize his schedule. Indeed, the company of portage is not supposed to interfere with its activity.

It only takes care of the administrative, social and fiscal aspects.

The social protection

The wage portage allows to to benefit from a complete social protection in the same way as a professional working in a company. Moreover, the freelance is linked to the company of portage by a contract of employment. He is therefore considered as an employee and affiliated to the general social security system. As a result, the employee is entitled to :

  • Paid vacations;
  • Maternity or paternity leave;
  • Unemployment insurance;
  • To the provident fund ;
  • At the retreat.

These different advantages are detailed in the pay slips provided by the portage companies. To further help freelancers, Rhapsody offers pay slip simulations on its online platform.

Coaching and training

Accompaniment is an excellent way to help reason to choose the portage salarial. Most of the time, the portage companies plan specific sessions to encourage links and exchanges between freelancers. Each participant can thus enrich his address book.

Networking also helps to find potential clients, investors or suppliers.

On the other hand, freelance administration companies often offer training programs and various workshops. They also encourage the employees to lead conferences and trainings on their sector. It is an opportunity to broaden the skills and strengthen the experience of all participants.

Support and training

Administrative management by the freelance administration company

By managing the administrative formalities, the portage company reduces the risks of error and non-compliance with the regulations. Workers are not necessarily familiar with the requirements of the administration. However, there are a multitude of penalties for non-compliance with legal obligations.

With freelancing, the freelancer no longer needs to improvise as a secretary or accountant. The freelance administration company takes care of the non-productive parts of the entrepreneur’s activity. Therefore, it also takes care of certain actions such as the follow-up of unpaid invoices or the management of the invoicing.

Time saving

The saving of time is the main advantage reason to choose freelance administration. Indeed, the self-employed worker delegates various aspects of his job to the freelance administration company. The latter takes care of the social, administrative, accounting, tax, etc. parts of the business. Consequently, the freelancer will have more time to focus on his activity and productivity.

Without assistance, administrative activities can take up a significant portion of a freelancer’s work time. They may even take up more time in case of administrative errors or problems with partners. In this case, the problems must be solved before resuming the main activity.

The portage salarial allows in short to devote the working time to the productivity.