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How to recover your flames on Snapchat ?

The Snapchat community values flames as much as fan badges on other social networks. Indeed, this symbol allows the most active users to stand out on the site. However, it can be lost in case of technical problems or lack of attendance.

Nevertheless, the distinction is recoverable. This system ultimately encourages more exchanges of Snaps on a daily basis.

What are flames on Snap ?

On Snapchat, the flame symbolizes Snapstreak mode. This feature is officially translated by “Ça chauffe” in French. The image represents the warm relationship you have with another member of the social network.

It indicates that you have often exchanged Snaps with a user for more than three days. However, this system does not count Chats.

Flames are considered valuable rewards on Snapchat. This impression helps to explain the craze of users for this emoji and the great disappointment caused by its loss. This is also an exclusive feature of the platform.

Therefore, this competition is specific to users of this social network. Members also like to display this sign of distinction.

The flame icon is usually accompanied by a number near the name of the friend concerned. This indicator refers to the number of days of Snapstreak maintained with your interlocutor. So, you have been exchanging daily Snaps with a contact for 30 days, if you see this number near his profile.

Site members like to see this score increase and share this information.

How to get flames ?

To get flames, you just have to regularly exchange Snaps with another user for three consecutive days. You should have no problem switching to Snapstreak, if it’s a friend or loved one. This situation is indeed conducive to interactions on the social network.

If not, you’ll need to pay more attention to how the system works. Among other things, it will be necessary :

  • Send Snaps with less than 24 hours interval over 3 days minimum;
  • Focus on photos and videos;
  • Ignore chats and other group discussions.

If you meet the conditions, the flame emoji will automatically appear next to your Snapchat username. This symbol will be visible in your friend’s friend list and chat interface. Also, the friend in question will be entitled to this sign on your account.

This form of distinction is especially valued by young people and the most playful. They often seek to generalize the Snapstreak mode in their list of friends.

In this example, the next step is to keep these rewards for all contacts. Other users are aiming for Streak’s record on the site. However, the social network does not communicate official figures on this point.

Members must therefore refer to third-party statistics. For your information, the latest record is 2,385 flames (6.5 years), according to Suntrics.

How to keep our flames ?

In order to keep your flames, you must send Snaps to your friend at least once every 24 hours. You will then have to repeat the operation every day, avoiding exceeding this period. After this threshold, you will no longer be in Snapstreak mode and your flames will disappear. The site has nevertheless provided a system to warn users of the imminent loss of this emoji.

As the deadline approaches, the flame will turn into an hourglass. This symbol indicates that you have little time left before you lose the status of the conversation with your friend. You must therefore send a Snap quickly to remain in Streak mode. There are also various applications to help you keep your flames.

You can for example choose Streak Reminder or Streak Alarm.

Available on App Store and Play Store, this type of program is used to set alarms to keep your flames. Among other things, these tools can alert you when the 24 hours set by the network are approaching. They can also issue notifications leading directly to the Snapchat application.

This way, you will be able to send your Snap without wasting time.

How to recover lost flames on Snap quickly ?

After a long Snapstreak, users may be particularly affected by the loss of a flame. It will indeed take several months or years to re-establish this account. Thus, the social network has provided a service to return lost rewards in case of technical incidents.

You can also use this solution to quickly recover your flames. To send a request :

  • Open Settings from the Snapchat home screen;
  • Click on I need help in the Assistance section;
  • In the dialog box displayed, press the Contact Us button;
  • Check Loss of my Snapstreak (It’s getting hot !) ;
  • In the next window, fill in the form and explain the situation in detail in the field “Is there any information we should know?.

Snapchat reserves the right to refuse requests to recover flames. In other words, the platform is not obliged to give you explanations after a refusal. We must assume that your various arguments have not been convincing.

You can nevertheless get a quick answer, within 3 days maximum.