What are the best PrestaShop Euresa System modules

What are the best PrestaShop modules ?

It is possible to easily create an online store with the PrestaShop CMS. To customize your site according to your needs, you must use the software modules. This article presents the best PrestaShop modules.

What’is it’a PrestaShop module ?

A PrestaShop module means a computer program that adds functionality to the CMS. It is also called plug-in or widget. More than 300 000 online stores use PrestaShop software worldwide.

They sell all kinds of products (clothing, jewelry, high-tech, etc.).).

The needs of these stores vary according to their activity. PrestaShop modules allow you to answer these questions. The software is a versatile solution, as e-merchants can customize it to their needs.

In fact, they can install, deactivate or delete the modules they want.

Thanks to PrestaShop modules, e-merchants can benefit from many useful features. These allow them, for example, to increase traffic on their online store, increase the average basket of their customers or build loyalty.

What are the best PrestaShop modules ?

PrestaShop has a large number of modules. Some of them are directly integrated into the software. They are in this case free.

Other modules can be found on PrestaShop Addons and are not free of charge.

The official PrestaShop marketplace offers more than 5,000 modules and graphic themes. E-retailers may find it difficult to find their way around this wide choice. Here are some PrestaShop modules that deserve a special mention because of the advantages they provide and that it is wise to use.

Official PayPal

The PrestaShop PayPal Official module allows you to accept payments through PayPal, the number one online payment system. More than 375 million people use it. It would therefore be detrimental to your online store to refuse payments made via this service.

With the PayPal Official module, you can add a PayPal payment method to your online store. The buying experience of the customers will be optimized, especially since you can offer them the possibility to pay in 4 times without any additional fees and from any device.

This module also includes an option to accept credit or debit card payments without customers having a PayPal account. In addition, it gives you the possibility to select the currencies you want to accept.

Creative Elements

The PrestaShop module called Creative Elements is a page builder. Offering limitless page design through advanced features, it allows you to customize your online store.

Instantly build pages with Creative Elements drag and drop functionality. This module also offers instant live editing. This function allows you to see what a page will look like as you edit it.

Creative Elements also offers an online editing function.

In addition, this module allows you to benefit from instant page loading. Unmatched speed, fun and ease of use. Page design is done in no time.

Promotions and discounts

The promotions and discounts module allows you to increase your profits by offering attractive price reductions to your customers. Indeed, this gesture will encourage the purchase and will increase your sales. This module can be used for various purposes. For example, you can use it for :

  • Convert visitors into customers. For this, you can offer a special price reduction to those who make a first purchase ;
  • Encourage customer loyalty. In this case, you can set up price reductions only for consumers who have spent more than a specific amount or whose order consists of a defined number of products;
  • Increase the average shopping cart of your customers. It is about offering a discount to customers whose shopping cart exceeds a certain amount. Buyers are likely to spend more to benefit from a lower price.

Cookies law RGPD

The regulation regarding cookies has evolved since the RGPD came into force. The PrestaShop module Cookies RGPD law has been thought to allow you to comply with it. It blocks the cookies while waiting to receive the authorization of the Net surfer who visits your site.

In detail, the module Loi Cookies RGPD makes the use of cookies known to Internet users. Moreover, it allows to respect their choice. It groups the cookies by purpose.

The Internet user can thus accept only those that meet his needs.

Loyalty programs

Promoting customer loyalty, Loyalty Programs is also among the best PrestaShop modules. It gives you the possibility to promote specific products. To do this, it is necessary to grant loyalty points to customers, thanks to which they will be able to purchase the said products.

If you wish, this module can also be used to define a range of dates determining the duration of validity of these points. It also allows you to modify them at any time. In addition, it gives access to the history of loyalty points of customers.