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How to keep your cell phone as long as possible ?

The cell phone has become one of the most important accessories in our lives. Everything is done with a phone: making calls, capturing life moments, and even paying our bills. They are becoming more and more sophisticated and expensive.

So you have to take care of it. Today, acquiring a phone has become a real investment.

What are the good gestures to maintain your mobile device ?

It has become an almost precious object, which never leaves our pocket. Despite the increased performance, it is still a fragile accessory that must be taken care of. It does not like falls and screens often suffer the consequences. Whether it is the structure of the phone, the way of charging it, there are several actions to put in place to try to keep your device in good condition as long as possible.

Here are some tips.

The battery

We use our smartphones all day long. So we got into the bad habit of loading them all night long. It is a very bad thing to do for our batteries.

But then, how to keep your phone battery in good condition as long as possible ? Don’t worry, we have some ideas.

  • It is better to charge your mobile device several times during the day rather than long hours during the night. Why ? It doesn’t need a full night to charge. Once the battery is full, by remaining always connected to the socket, it continues to consume electricity, stressing it and thus, making it lose strength over time.
  • Prefer to recharge your mobile on a power outlet rather than on the USB port of your computer or your car. The flipcover is a very useful accessory, because its charging power is lighter, which causes a stronger heat production, and therefore, directly affects the battery.
  • Get into the habit of closing all your applications used in a day, because they are very energy consuming. This helps to keep your phone charged longer.

The phone

What about the structure of our phones ? We always want to protect this part from scratches and other impacts. Despite all our efforts, the slightest shock is immediately visible. For that, only one solution, the protective cover, discover here some models:

  • The silicone shell is probably the most common. It is flexible and solid at the same time which gives it a good resistance to shocks.
  • The hard plastic shell has the advantage of being very thin and discreet. On these models, it is possible to use a silicone shell’add points of personalization as on the Samsung Galaxy A53 cover.
  • The leather cover is very appreciated for its aestheticism. It is very elegant and also offers good protection for the smartphone.
  • Bumpers are shells that cover only the contour of the device. Indeed, most of the time, it is the angles that suffer the most from a fall on the ground.
  • The flipcover is a protective accessory, but not only that, it can also be used to store documents inside, such as a bank card or a travel ticket. Often equipped with a flap, it perfectly protects your phone. C’has even become a very trendy object with well finished designs.

The glass

The screen of our smartphones is the central element. They are more and more sophisticated, but still very fragile. And inevitably, it’s a good idea to use a leather cover’is the part that suffers the most damage when dropped. There are two different protections on the market, here they are: