14 alternatives to get rid of adobe in audiovisual

14 alternatives for getting rid of anonymity’s best paid

If there is a field in which Adobe has had serious competitors for many years, it is the video field (She has asked Jolie to work with Final Cut Pro and Sony Vega Pro, which we will discuss in this article) and everything that goes with it’surrounds. Recently, these competing software programs have even tended to become more and more numerous.

However, the most famous softwares can be quite expensive (Maya, Final Cut Pro, …). But more and more companies are offering software that covers many of the features needed in audio-visual (editing, special effects, sound mixing, …) to a much lower price, available on Mac OS as well as Windows and often even on Linux thanks to the open source development community very committed to this field.

Today, we are no longer in the era of monopoly and the audiovisual industry is starting to look for alternatives to these quality but overpriced software. Here is a selection from professionals and amateurs.

9 programs to replace Premiere Pro

The field of video editing has always had a very professional feel to it, so you would think that only very expensive alternatives exist to compete with Adobe Premiere Pro. Think again ! It is also a field where its actors are extremely invested in the development of free, open source and very powerful tools.

  • Paying
    • VEGAS Pro – Windows – from 299€ – 30 days free trial – Formerly Sony Vegas Pro. "The versions of VEGAS Pro all offer’Incredible performance for the most demanding video editing. Discover the strengths of each version and choose the one that suits you."
    • VEGAS Movie Studio – Windows – from 39,99€ – 30 days free trial – "makes it easy to’import and editing of movies, videos and sound’images and music to help you create your next masterpiece’video or audio work. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced filmmaker or a professional film producer, there is a Movie Studio solution to meet your requirements."
    • Final Cut Pro – macOS – £329.99 – 30-day free trial – Editing, sound mixing, animations, advanced color grading, HDR support, 360° video editing and VR headset playback. "With its innovative features and intuitive design, Final Cut Pro further accelerates the post-production phase. Editors can now create and deliver at record speeds."
    • Hitfilm Express – macOS and Windows – Free – Video editing software with nearly 5 million users. Over 410 presets and effects, VFX tools. Suitable for students, gamers, videographers or anyone who doesn't have a budget for editing software.
    • Lightworks – macOS, Windows and Linux – Free version (full software, limited export) – Paid version from 19,99€/month Video editing software. Only in English.
    • OpenShot – macOS, Windows and Linux – Free – Powerful open source video editing software. Easy to use and quick to learn. English only.
    • KDEnlive – Linux (works on macOS, soon to be developed on Windows) – Free – Open source non-linear video editing software. English only.
    • Shotcut – macOS, Windows and Linux – Free – Open source video editing software.
    • Olive(Beta) – macOS, Windows and Linux – Free – Open source non-linear video editing software aimed at being an alternative to professional video editing software. Only in English.

    2 software to replace Audition

    • Audacity – macOS, Windows and Linux – Free – Many people using this type of software need fairly basic functions in terms of audio editing. Audacity will do the trick if you only need to record and do some simple manipulations.
    • Reaper – macOS, Windows and Linux (experimental stage) – $60 for non-commercial use, $225 for commercial use Complete audio production software (recording, editing, mixing, …). English only.

    2 programs to replace After Effects

    In addition to images and Classic editing software, adding special effects or managing particular animations can create videos with original visual effects.

    • Blender – macOS, Windows, Linux and others – Free – Open source 3D creation software: from modeling to motion tracking to video editing and 2D animation.
    • SideFX Houdini – macOS and Windows – Free for personal projects only (Houdini Apprentice) – Procedural tools to animate and do VFX. Houdini is particularly adapted for the video game field.

    Davinci Resolve: the all-rounder within everyone's reach

    Davinci Resolve is the only video editing software offering 8K video editing and designed for collaboration between several users (editors, assistants, colorists, VFX artists, sound designer,…) and it is completely free ! The company also offers Fairlight, a software that gathers professional tools for audio post-production of movies and TV series, for free (with less features) or in full version at 269€. The software is available on macOS, Windows and Linux.

    We can only encourage you to give a chance to Davinci Resolve which offers a very versatile software for free.

    In any case, taking a look at the features on each of the websites of the software concerned will help you to make the right choice according to your needs. We have taken care to offer a lot of information about thefree alternatives (or at least offer you a free trial version), which will allow you to try as many programs as you like until you find your favorite !