10 celebrity marketing strategies we can learn from

10 celebrity marketing strategies we can learn from

There are people in the world who deserve to be recognized’be famous for what’they bring with their different skills. Oprah, Luis Miguel, Steve Jobs are people who qualify to be famous for their talent in what they do’they do. There are also celebrities who, for some strange reason, are adored by the media, such as Kim Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher and all those actors of the moment.

The word celebrity is used very loosely these days because’There are so many “celebrities” in the world.

Leaving celebrity magazines and other guilty pleasures aside, QuestionPro decided to take an objective look at these celebrities: what marketing strategies from celebrities like LeBron James and Jennifer Lopez can we learn ? and how come’By being socially responsible people, we can implement celebrity marketing strategies in a daily work environment ?

Here are the 10 most used celebrity marketing strategies :

1) Controlling leaks to the press

Let’s face it. Mel Gibson is not doing well right now because his baby mama has gained all the power with the videos that leaked and his exclusive interviews with Radaronline are making him a lot of money’money. Lebron James and his team know very well how to excite their fans by making a big deal out of their publicity’free agent.

I was almost crying from the floor’I’m so bored with the NBA until I get to know him’Even my 14 year old nephew didn’t know that all this crazy Lebron rumor was coming. Where are you going ? Chicago, New York, or stay in Cleveland ? More and more people are’Lesson: Go where the information keeps leaking out, but no one is looking for it’was able to confirm this’story… The’SPAIN paid King James for televising his announcement ! This shows us that you really know how to make your moves, n’is not ? David Stern, commissioner of the NBA, denounced the actions of LeBron, although perhaps secretly, the commissioner was also pleased.
Lesson: If you control the news, you’ll be able to’information, you control the’history. Simple.

2) Be everywhere

Today’today, how can we miss Kim Kardashian’s fantastic smile on every red carpet ?
I don’t even know why she’s famous, but for some reason she’s always posing on every red carpet in the world and she looks great. Our friend knows very well how the medium works and knows how to put herself in all those supermarket magazines in a tight outfit that shows off her “attributes”.
Now, I’m not going to go out in high heels and tight pants for people to realize my marketing efforts, I’ll leave that to celebrities like Kim. Instead, I’ be looking for better job opportunities to promote and do online presentations, blogs, commentary on the news, and more’and other blogs and m’associated with all that is positive in the’industry of my business.

Lesson: Go where the’action is online or in person and get noticed.

3) Put in the time and effort to grow in social media

Justin is the new Jonathan Taylor Thomas of our time (j’(I grew up in the 90’s with the Improving the House series). Even my 14 year old nephew was crying’is cut hair like him to attract women. The “Bieber” fever started when this guy posted his videos singing on Youtube, then Usher and Timberlake wanted to record an album for him. His Youtube videos are #1 and he takes the time to tweet and update his blog regularly, or at least he has his henchmen who keep him informed and update him with his audience.

This guy has a good marketing strategy and he doesn’t sing badly.

Lesson: Spend more time interacting with others through social media and watch your audience grow.

4) Stay relevant by “reinventing” yourself

Heidi Montag, Madonna, Jennifer Hudson, Lady GaGa – Qu’is that’they all have in common ? They reinvent themselves ! Hudson has lost a ton of weight and is spectacular, Lady Gaga entertains us not only with her music, but also with her endless variety of extravagant costumes, and Madonna doesn’t’never stopped reinventing his music, his personal style, and along the way tried a few religions and adopted a baby from Malawi, who spoke from Malawi until he died’when she got there ?
Unfortunately for Heidi Montag, whom many print and online newspapers now call Franken-Heidi, all reinventions (in the’s scandal (ten plastic surgeries overnight)’have not the expected results.

Lesson: Don’Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself or your business to stay relevant in your niche. Also be aware that reinvention can also be fraught with pitfalls that can throw off your target audience, so choose your reinvention strategy wisely.

5) Post comments on news, blogs and press releases and turn them into news about you

Nothing bothers me more than celebrity comments on the Internet’other celebrity news, do I really care what Michael Lohan thinks about the scandal of the’Tiger Woods’ infidelity ? No, but I’I still saw her comments, yes, I know that’s true’Who is sad to know the name of Lindsey Lohan’s parents. No one really wants to see this man’s face on TMZ, Perez, Radar, etc., but that’What can I do to keep appearing everywhere in a terrible attempt to reconcile with his daughter ? Until’Now, his strategy is not’didn’t work. I’m sorry, Michael, but if my father is not there, I’m not going to be there’had done the same thing, he did not’No, but I wouldn’t exist for me either. (Photo of him not included in this section on purpose).

Lesson: Comment and share your opinions on press releases related to your marketing objectives. Be clear about your intentions and you will be recognized and respected by the press, readers, bloggers and other commenters.

6) Confess quickly before the scandal explodes

Who doesn’t’I don’t like to read a good scandal these days ? But when the waves change course and c’and you’re in the middle of the scandal, what would you do? ? Despite the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal, Bill Clinton is still considered the most important person in the world’How did you get to be one of America’s favorite presidents? ? C’The answer is simple: he televised a carefully crafted statement about what he was doing’he did, s’s apologized to the American people for his actions and showed everyone that he was not a criminal’Hillary l’100% support.
Lesson: Choose words carefully to address the scandal and make sure your strategic relationships stay by your side during this time.

7) Develop alliances with others’Other brands that complement you.

Before the scandal of the’massive infidelity, everyone wanted that Tiger Woods to promote its products. L’money that’it was shooting golf tournaments didn’t work’That was nothing compared to the publicity that you got from the ads’he had. At his best, Woods earned more than $100 million a year for his trademark contracts, and it’s estimated that nearly 90 percent of his revenue came from sponsors. L’Tiger’s team’s strategically selected brands that fit their old image. Gatorade ? Mike ? Gillette ? Yes.

A gaming site formoney on the Internet ? No.
It is said that Tiger instantly lost 30% of his revenue’brand contract business after the scandal began.

Lesson: Develop relationships and networks with other media’Be clear about your intentions and you will be recognized and respected by the press, readers, bloggers and other commentators. Also, re-evaluate your wedding rings. “Does this alliance still have strategic importance to my brand and overall goals? ? ”

8 ) Accept that any type of media is good media.

If you like reality shows (as I do), then you’ve just seen that there are other brands that complement you’Ali picked Roberto from The Bachelorette. His show was the best attended of the entire series. This’The reason for the press release was not because of the personality or the name of one of America’s favorite presidents’look like other similar’Ali that the’The show was so popular.

In fact, what has made people see, it is’The key is that the’show was the most talked about in gossip magazines and blogs like RealitySteve.com (excellent blog, by the way). ABC did everything it could to silence Reality Steve and forced E ! to cut her segment in a special show “Bachelor/Bachelorette: Where Are They Now. In the end, ABC should have sent this blogger a fruit basket for all this success.

Lesson: Acknowledge publicly the media coverage of others with gratitude and clarify the truth, if necessary.

9) Be generous to your community and tell everyone !

Angelina Jolie is a modern Mother Teresa. L’UN really got it right when’She asked Jolie to do it’being the’one of its prestigious ambassadors. Nobody talks about it anymore’when she was married to Billy Bob Thornton and wore blood necklaces or that’She was mutilating herself and was manic-depressive, but instead she changed her life and shines again and gives a bit of a boost to her life’Hope for the less fortunate and those who desperately need to be helped’help.

As a result, she is the’one of the highest paid actresses in the world’Hollywood.

Lesson: Find a charity or an opportunity to give back and share with all your fans and readers through press releases, websites and sharing why you are involved in these programs. People like to spend their money with companies that do good things.

10) Bringing in more’a talent at the table

Hi J.Lo ! Jenny is selling her image to the world’entertainment artist par excellence: singer, actress, dancer, seamstress, restaurateur, co-producer, and the list goes on. Of course, his notoriety has diminished a little, but he is still making money’money by “entertaining” the masses, how many girls from the series “In Living Color” managed to make the success of J.Lo ? I’m sorry, but the judge, Cari Ann, from Dancing with the Stars did not have the time to do this’is not even close. In an uncertain economy, we need to show everyone that we don’t just play a note on the keyboard.

Lesson: Be flexible and offer a range of untapped talents or skills that your employer could use to to stimulate the’company. It’ very likely that you’ get or keep the job.